Delvi International have searched the far rural corners of South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania and Morocco to source such original, handmade and hand carved treasures by truly amazing artists, who would otherwise, never be able to showcase their exquisite pieces to the international market. We pride ourselves in having gorgeous, unusual, unique and difficult to find selection of African Art and Curios. These are not mass produced in a factory but lovingly crafted by our very talented artists using locally sourced high quality natural materials. The artists work tirelessly to make such beautiful, unique and remarkable items for you.

We have a large selection of Handmade and Hand Carved items ranging from African Art, African Curios, Handbags, Leather and Bead Sandals, Chain Belts, Clothing, Jewelry, Wire and Bead Art, Home and Wall D├ęcor, Argan Oil, Home Accessories and Straw Baskets. We are very confident that you will be truly amazed with our beautiful range. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us debby@delvi-international.com. Happy shopping!!